Quality Laboratory provides accurate and repeatable results by employing trained manpower using state of the art measuring machines from around the world.

Our wide range of measuring machines and accessories provides us the flexibility to carry out inspection of accurate and complex components all under one roof as per customer needs.

We have the necessary infrastructure and people to offer the following service to the industry.


First article inspection is a method of providing reported measurement for each feature of a part or assembly. We offer services for first article inspection which will ensure the production process is verifiable for every parameter rather than just concentrating on critical dimension. It also verifies all the tooling used to produce a part and also to ensure that it is capable of producing parts to specifications. The laboratory can act as approved second party inspector as it uses traceable instruments with qualified staff to properly measure and interpret the measured data by adopting Coordinate measuring machines, vision based measuring systems etc. Industries like Aerospace, Medical and Automotive industries as well as for suppliers to Government establishments will greatly get benefitted by FAI services offered by Quality laboratory


PPAP is extensively used in automotive supply chain for establishing confidence in suppliers and their production processes. It ensures specification requirements or properly understood by the supplier and the process has the potential to produce product consistently meeting the requirements during an actual production run. Normally agreed number of parts to be measured for all the characteristic and specification and the measured result and assessment showing dimensions are “OK” or “NOT OK”.


We offer Third party inspection services for component inspection and Product evaluation. We offer the above service at site of the supplier. Measuring equipment validation and calibration are also offered. We adopt the right method as required by the specification taking into consideration the accuracy and reproducibility. Assist the Industry in segregating good parts from the Bad