Training & Deployment


Productivity of employees are the need of the day and improved employee performance with skill development helps to be highly productive. Skill related to tasks which can be quantified are known as hard skill. These tend to be knowledge based like expertise in a subject, certifications, and technical skill.

Most organizations are involved in skill development and training programs for their staff. Organizations that encourage skill development have a stronger workforce, employees are motivated and engaged, and have higher productivity. The courses offered by Quality Laboratory enables organizations and individuals to develop a professional approach to skill development and career development in organizations.

One of the most important steps in skill development and training is to learn from the best in the industry. Bank upon the trainers experience and expertise offered by Quality Laboratory and you’ll know you’re in the right hands.

Training are carried out by industrial experts having rich experience in the filed of Quality Control, Inspection and Testing.

Faculty Profile

Mr. Ravikumar Sirige

Mr. Ravikumar Sirige is Metrologist and Industry Expert working as Technical Director with Quality Laboratory. Prior to this, worked as a scientist in CMTI for 2 decades and as Divisional Manager at Carl Zeiss India for another 2 decades -Trained at PTB (Germany) in advance metrology and certified AUKOM I & 2 and AUKOM GD & T courses in India. Experienced in establishing center of excellence in metrology both in Institution and Industry, Expert in providing solutions related to quality in Dimensional, Form, Surface Finish and Gear Metrology.

Mr. S.S Avadhani

Mr Avadhani.S,S is Metallurgist and Industry Expert working as Technical Advisor with Quality Laboratory. Prior to this, worked as a scientist in CMTI for 4 decades he has been actively involved in training and assessing various companies for more than 35 years.

Sl. No Course Description Hands on Training No. of days
1 Concept of Uncertainty of measurement (UOM) No 1
2 Chemical & Mechanical testing of metallic materials Yes 1
3 Surface finishing No 1
4 Machinery oil analysis No 1
5 Non destructive testing No 1
6 Good laboratory practices based on ISO / IEC 17025-2017 No 3
7 Calibration of laboratory equipment for establishing traceability and method validation Yes 1
8 Concepts of selection of material and failure analysis No 1
9 Geometric Dimensioning and Tolerancing (GD & T) Basic Yes 1
10 Geometric Dimensioning and Tolerancing (GD & T) Advance Yes 1
11 Introduction to coordinate metrology (CMM) Yes 2
12 Basics of Metrology No 1

Successful Customer Deployment

Staff deployment is an activity to ensure that the labor of the organization would be continuously in an optimal relation to the jobs and organizational structure. Key to business growth is Customer success which can be ensured not just through delivery of right products and services.

Successful customer deployment, extensive training and technical support also contribute towards customer success. We provide coaching and feedback, which are critical for ensuring sustainability, and promoting continuous improvement and solutions. We develop teams through transformation elements such as performance dialogues and process adaptation. We reduce deployment time with right human resources with improved customer experience.

We have deployed skilled manpower in the quality department among the major automobile giants.