CAD Comparsion


High-efficiency and ultra-high detail are unique advantages of the KSCAN - MAGIC COMPOSITE 3D SCANNER. Benefiting from Infrared laser + blue laser technology with five standard working modes along with built-in Photogrammetry System, provides flexibility in scanning parts ranging from few meters to a centimeter in dimension. This 3D scanner can be widely used for industrial design, reverse engineering, quality control, quality inspection, culture relic 3D digitalization, 3D film, 3D game, VR/AR, etc..

Dimensional measurement / Digitizing is carried out using our handheld laser and blue light scanner in the most efficient manner. Due to the fact that it is portable, we can travel to the site and digitize when it is a tedious task to move the part. We have been able to achieve Digitizing of soft, deformable and complex shapes without coming into physical contact. The scanning is precise and efficient with a 360-degree scan in a single set-up


CAD Comparison, Reverse engineering, Rapid prototyping, Inspection, Quality control, clash detection analysis