Thermal Calibration

Thermal Calibration lab is designed to meet IEC 17025 and NABL standards for the calibration of Thermal equipment’s, using Semi – Standard Platinum Resistance Thermometer, S-Type Thermocouple, Dry Blocks and Standard pyrometer to perform calibration of temperature sensors and source.

Thermal Calibration includes range from -80°C to 1200°C, onsite calibration for furnace, chambers, water bath, freezer and oven and humidity chamber calibration from 10% to 95% RH.

Temperature Mapping / Validation / Temperature Uniformity Testing of furnace / ovens , cold chambers are carried out at Customer Site

This is done by locating various temperature sensors inside the equipment. These are connected to data logger. When actual temperature reaches to desired set temperature , it allows to stabilize & after thermal stabilization temperature readings are noted for 30- 40 minutes or as per requirement. These methods are based on various National & International standards.

System Accuracy Testing & Loop Testing

System Accuracy test is basically to verify the total measuring system. In this case dry block calibrator is used to simulate the furnace temperature. The furnace temperature sensor is inserted in the dry block calibrator along with our master sensor & temperature is set to desired temperature. While carrying out the activity temperature of master sensor is noted & output of furnace thermocouple, temperature indicators etc are checked & compared with master sensor.