CMM Inspection


PRISMO from ZEISS is synonymous around the world for high-speed scanning and maximum accuracy. With length measurement error of leass than 1.2 um, ZEISS PRISMO is ideal when maximum demands on precision have to be met. The machine is supported with a rotory table for blades and gear measurements and rotationally symetric parts effectively.

CMM Inspection

We carry out inspection of accurate and complex components all under one roof as per customer needs.

Gear Inspection

Carl Zeiss Prismo is equipped with Rotary Table and Gear Pro Software for Measurement of Involute and Helical Gears of both known and Unknown Gears, can measure gear of DIN class 4 or better.

Blade Inspection

Blade Inspection can be carried out with the help of rotary table for both known and unknown blades, Profile and curve measurement of both known and unknown curves can be carried out.


The Global Status 7107 from HEXAGON METROLOGY comes standard with a touch-trigger probe, advanced software . As manufacturing becomes more refined and parts are made more complex, the requirement for accurate and precise measurement services becomes most important. The best solution for high tolerance parts and more sophisticated measurement task.