Pressure and Torque

Pressure Calibration

Pressure measurement is extremely important to worker safety, and can be critical to product quality control. An inaccurate pressure gauge can lead to expensive product recalls or tragic workplace accidents, so reliable pressure gauge calibration is extremely important for process control. We at Quality Laboratory offer accredited calibration services for pressure gauges of any type.

  • Absolute pressure is calibrated on an absolute scale against a perfect vacuum, so it includes atmospheric pressure as well as gauge pressure
  • Gauge pressure is calibrated against ambient air pressure, so atmospheric pressure is not included in the reading
  • Differential pressure readings show the difference in pressure between two points, and can only be as accurate as the initial pressure readings
We offer:
  • Hydraulic and pneumatic pressure calibrations performed with true SI unit traceability to National or International Standard.
  • Calibration for all types of Digital pressure gauges and Analog pressure gauge.
  • Onsite and in-process pressure calibration performed to either OEM or your custom specifications

Torque Calibration

Torque wrench is widely used in the industry to ensure that the appropriate torque is applied to the fasteners which is vital to ensure the functioning and life of the component

We offer calibration services of Torque Wrench, Torque Guns and Torque Screw Drivers.